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Tenjin has released its hypercasual games benchmark report

The report covers Q3 of 2022 and shows Android is at an all time high for share of ad spend
Tenjin has released its hypercasual games benchmark report
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Tenjin has shared the findings of its 2022 Q3 hypercasual games report. The report covers ad spend, CPI information comparing data between Android and iOS, retention benchmarks and more.

Ad spent between Android and iOS shows that compared to Q1 2022, Android has gained 7 percentage points of the ad spend share and ad revenue distribution. Spanning the past four years, the average difference CPI gap between Android and iOS was 15 cents. This now stands at 10 cents which shows a possible rise in competition on Android.

The top five countries by Ad spend on Android are the United States, Japan, Brazil, South Korea and the United Kingdom. These vary slightly for iOS, with the United States and Japan still in the first and second positions, but holding third is the United Kingdom followed by China and Canada.

Median CPI for the US on Android comes in at $0.60 compared to iOS which sits at $0.71. Brazil shows $0.06 on Android and $0.14 on iOS which showcases a low CPI to ad spend meaning Brazil could be an interesting target for monetisation.

Ad networks and retention

The top five ad networks by ad spend for Android are AppLovin, Google Ads, Mintegral, Unity Ads and ironSource as opposed to iOS, which features the same names but in a different order, with AppLovin at number one followed by Mintegral, ironSource, Google Ads and finally Unity Ads. Mintegral shows the lowest CPI on Android at $0.08 whilst Unity Ads is the lowest on iOS at $0.15.

GameAnalytics data shows that between day one and day seven retention is higher on iOS than Android, with the top 25% of games on iOS having 33% day one retention, dropping down to 9% on day seven. In comparison, we see day one retention for Android at 26% down to 5% by day seven.

To summarise

  • Android has reached an all-time high of 57% share of ad spend.
  • The CPI gap between Android and iOS has decreased to cents.
  • Brazil shows low CPI relative to ad spending.
  • The United States is at the top of both Android and iOS ad spend rankings.
  • Mintegral has the lowest CPI on Android and Unity Ads is the lowest on iOS.

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