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Angry Birds is second iPhone game to sell five million

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Angry Birds is second iPhone game to sell five million
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It seems a little churlish to call it a race but following Lima Sky's announcement that Doodle Jump had sold five million copies on June 25, Rovio - through its App Store publisher Chillingo - has confirmed its Angry Birds game has also broken that sales barrier.

To celebrate, Chillingo is launching an Angry Birds Squawk Contest. You can win an iPad by checking out the conditions on the company' Facebook page.

Race to the top

Doodle Jump was the first iPhone game to three million (in March) and four million sales (in April), but Angry Birds, which launched in December 2009, and didn't see its sales take off until February seems to be selling faster.

It was only in mid May that Rovio announced 2.4 million sales, with four million sales revealed in mid June, suggesting it's selling over a million units a month.

However, it is worth pointing out that Angry Birds is also available in its iPad HD form but as Chillingo states "With more than 5 million copies sold in six months, Angry Birds is the fastest selling iPhone game to date..." we assume they've not been lumped into the total.