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Apple discontinues third-generation Apple TV

Focusing on flagging fourth-gen model instead
Apple discontinues third-generation Apple TV

Apple has officially discontinued its third-generation model of Apple TV to shift focus on to its fourth-generation model.

An email sent to employees and education partners confirmed the discontinuation. Apple has stated that it will fulfil any backlog orders.

The third-generation Apple TV has been gradually and quietly phased out. In September, Apple removed the device from its online store, while retail stores began removing stock from shelves.

Apple is still selling refurbished models, but the stocks are very limited. Once they're sold, Apple will likely cease sales altogether.

Moving on

The discontinuation is likely a move to shift users over to its fourth-generation model, built with tvOS and designed to be a full entertainment system with games and movies.

It has not found much success in the gaming world to date – reports found that tvOS apps had half the retention rates of iOS apps.

And those that stuck around weren't spending, with some of the bigger games generating just $100 a day in revenue.

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