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AppLovin partner studio Belka Games launches Bermuda Adventures

From the creators of Clockmaker
AppLovin partner studio Belka Games launches Bermuda Adventures

The latest mobile game by Belka Games, Bermuda Adventures, launches worldwide today.

In this title, players join the Jones family in the mysterious Bermuda Islands, where they can build, customise and explore the tropical setting, finding and reuniting the family by completing puzzles.

Bermuda Adventures, available now on iOS and Android, has tons of humour and family fun throughout the process of building a new life on the island.

Customisation in Bermuda Adventures comes from helping family members with a range of backgrounds and interests, selecting outfits that best suit them. Survival in the wilds will require players to build villas, ranches and farms, harvest local crops and create new recipes to cook with.

"I am grateful to the R&D team, who set the pace at the start of development, and the main department team for turning the minimum viable product (MVP) into a really fun game," commented head of R&D Pavel Sudakov.

"In Bermuda Adventures, we managed to follow our principles: speed, iteration, and a data-driven approach."

Supercharged studio

Belka Games is a partner studio of AppLovin and is supercharging its game development with revenue growth of more than 200 percent.

Belka Games has been developing games for more than a decade and is also responsible for Clockmaker, a top 100 grossing mobile game in the US.

The release of Bermuda Adventures comes two years after the studio’s investment from AppLovin. Since then, the studio has grown to have 140 per cent more team members and has expanded into five new markets.

“Our team has come a long way in launching Bermuda Adventures. We are seeing incredible results from our expanded global team and a sophisticated testing methodology. Our partnership with AppLovin has helped us to grow faster and scale at greater speed,” added Alexandr Bogdanov Belka's CEO.

Bermuda Adventures is now available to download on the App Store and Google Play Store. For more details, see Belka Games’ official Facebook page here.