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AppLovin study reveals two-thirds of British people play mobile games

But only 64 per cent reckon they're a gamer
AppLovin study reveals two-thirds of British people play mobile games

75 per cent of British people play mobile games according to a new study released by mobile marketing platform AppLovin.

The research - conducted by PR and marketing specialists Censuswide - showed that only 64 per cent of people considering themselves a gamer. 

The data also revealed that 54 per cent of consumers believe a mobile game being free is one of its best qualitites, alongside being easy to play and understand at 42 per cent. Following this, apps that challenge the brain came in at 39 per cent before titles with short sessions rounded out the top four qualities at 25 per cent.

Four new games a month

Interestingly the research showed that British people are looking for new games to play four times a month.

Furthermore, 80 per cent of women admit to having played mobile games though only 26 per cent identify as a gamer. Top smartphone titles for women in this category are Candy Crush and Angry Birds, with 26 per cent claiming that casual games are their favourite genre.

The research was carried out by Censuswide between December 21st and December 28th, 2018, with 2,004 UK respondents over the age of 16 taking part. 

“This research turns the stereotype of the gamer on its head”, said AppLovin’s managing director of EMEA Simon Spaull.

“Smartphones have really changed the game and opened up the target audience to a much larger base; the mobile gaming market has really grown in recent years, due in part to these new demographics.”