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Are you ready for the IDFA ending? Explore the future of user acquisition and monetisation at Beyond IDFA

Join our mini summit in April dedicated to looking beyond the IDFA and how it affects the games industry - sign up now!
Are you ready for the IDFA ending? Explore the future of user acquisition and monetisation at Beyond IDFA

On April 20, we will convene mobile experts to prepare you for the end of IDFA as we know it. This micro-summit will be free to people who already hold Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #6 tickets. If you work in user acquisition, advertising or monetisation, this is an essential evening’s viewing.

At some point during the spring, which could be any day now, the world of mobile UA and monetisation will change. Apple’s new OS upgrade will require end users to actively opt into the Identified For Advertiser (IDFA) tracking data. It’s been prophesied for some time and it will definitely disrupt the mobile advertising industry.

What does this mean for the future of UA and monetisation? Well, we'll explore this and more at our dedicated Beyond IDFA: The Future of UA and Monetisation micro-summit at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #6.

IDFA: who, what, where, when. why, how?

To understand how important this micro-summit will be, we need to look at what the IDFA is, when it’s going away, who it will affect, why it’s changing, and how it works.

  • What is the IDFA? It's a random device identifier assigned to a user’s device by Apple. It’s an important component in data tracking for advertisers.
  • How does IDFA work? It's used to track users so companies can deliver customised advertising. The data can then be used to discover information, including which in-app events a user triggers.
  • When is the IDFA ending? 'Sometime' this spring. It could be any day now. This change has been trailed by Apple and the industry for some time, but it’s almost upon us.
  • Where can I find IDFA? It's exclusively tied to Apple and can be found on its devices.
  • Who is affected by the IDFA ending? Everyone working in mobile UA and monetisation, from the publishing side and those providing ad tools and solutions.
  • Why is the IDFA ending? Apple has pledged itself to privacy, so it has made tracking in apps an 'opt-in' situation in iOS 14.

Apple users already have the ability to opt out to the Limited Ad Tracking (LAT) option and it is estimated that 20% of users have done so, although with the new OS update this number will likely flip.

Even though there will still be some data available to advertisers, it will spell a sizeable change to ‘business as usual’ and provide both significant challenges.

Beyond IDFA: The Future of UA and Monetisation

This dedicated micro-summit is aimed at professionals in this space - both UA managers on the game publisher side, as well as the service companies and experts providing solutions.
Through a series of talks and a panel, we will not only describe the scale of the challenge and potential impact, but also explore the opportunities and solutions that will lead the ‘new look’ UA and monetisation business from spring 2021 onwards!

The event takes place on day two of Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #6 (Tuesday, April 20th) at 6pm (UK time). To take part, you need a ticket to our online conference this April, which you can book right here and save up to $220 with our Mid-Term offer.