Summoners War surpasses 90 million downloads

Com2us expects to hit 100 million downloads in the near future

Summoners War surpasses 90 million downloads

Com2us's hit mobile game Summoners War continues to hit big new milestones with the news that it was just surpassed 90 million downloads globally.

The developer said it expects the RPG to hit 100 million downloads in the near future.

Billion-dollar IP

Summoners War has earned over $1 billion since its launch in 2014. Interestingly for a title developed by a South Korean developer, much of its success, $890 million-plus, has been on the international stage.

In 2017 Summoners War helped Com2us generate revenues of $450 million for the second year in a row. Operating profits came in at $180.9 million for the year.

The developer has big plans to expand the Summoners War IP. These include building up the game as an ‘esport’ of sorts, as well as releasing a new line of merchandise in partnership with Funko and a series of comics and animations with Skybound Entertainment.

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