CCP Games teams up with NetEase for new Eve Online mobile game

Project Galaxy will drop in 2019 for iOS with Android to come thereafter

Date Type Companies involved Size
June 8th, 2018 partnership CCP
Not disclosed
CCP Games teams up with NetEase for new Eve Online mobile game

EVE Online developer CCP Games has teamed up with NetEase to develop a new Eve Online-based augmented reality MMO for mobile.

The studio took to Twitter to announce Project Galaxy and confirmed it will launch on iOS next year with an Android release to follow.

According to CCP Games, it will bring the “authentic EVE Online experience” to iOS devices first in 2019 and will use Apple’s ARKit 2.0

In a galaxy far, far away

CCP already has a partnership with Finnish developer PlayRaven to develop another new mobile game set in the Eve Universe.

PlayRaven’s new mobile Eve game EVE: War of Ascension will be free-to-play MMO, which will task players with working together to create the most powerful corporation and dominating the centre of the galaxy.

Eve Online is a popular space MMO for PC in which players join giant corporations vying for control over territory in space. It is best known for its enormous PvP battles and player-created stories.

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