East Meets West: Honor of Kings spending its $728m in H1 2019, Tilting Point invests $20m in CookApps UA, and Nintendo talks 5G

Keeping up with the news from the world's most influential games market

East Meets West: Honor of Kings spending its $728m in H1 2019, Tilting Point invests $20m in CookApps UA, and Nintendo talks 5G

The Asia market has become the most lucrative and influential region in the global mobile games industry.

Companies in countries such as Japan, South Korea and China are highly successful at home and are increasingly expanding around the world through global game releases, international partnerships and M&A. These markets also offer lucrative opportunities for Western publishers.

To give you a deeper insight into this key region, each week we’re rounding up all the news from and around the web. Don't forget to keep up with the news throughout the week on the Asia section of our site.

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Mobile game spending for the first half of 2019 reaches nearly $30 billion

Tencent’s Honor of Kings unsurprisingly ranked first for top grossing games globally, earning approximately $728 million. This figure doesn’t even take into account China’s third-party Android stores.

Tilting Point to invest at least $20m in CookApps UA

UA funds will go toward growing the South Korean studio’s match-three title Toy Party. Tilting Point will also offer support with platform relations and app store optimisation. In future the partnership could expand to include further live ops and ad monetisation support.

Nintendo on game streaming and 5G: “We must keep up with such changes in the environment”

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa and other executives discuss how the company sees big new trends such as 5G and game streaming.

DJ Marshmello debuts Joytime III album in new mobile game

American DJ Marshmello has partnered with developer Gamejam on a new mobile title called Marshmello Music Dance. The new album Joytime III was available in the game exclusively for 24 hours before its public release.

8 videos from Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle 2019's East Meets West track

These sessions from PGC Seattle covers publishing in China, Japan, India and other markets around the world.

Nexon acquires majority stake in Embark Studios

Nexon has upped its stake from 32.8 per cent to 66.1 per cent, making it the majority owner on top of being its “sole strategic equity investor”.

Update: Nintendo withdraws some Switch production in China amidst US trade war

Nintendo has reportedly moved a small portion of Switch console manufacturing to Vietnam, according to Chinese newspaper DigiTimes. Production in Vietnam will supply the US for the most part as a result of the proposed tariff.

Tencent joins Drodo Auto Chess partnership to co-publish game in China

Develop Drodo Studio had previously partnered with Dragonest to publish the game in the country. As part of the new co-publishing deal with Tencent, Auto Chess players can now log in to the game through messaging platforms Wechat and Tencent QQ.

Tencent launching own Auto Chess on iOS and Android

On top of its deal with Drodo and Dragonest, Tencent is spreading its bets in the Auto Chess genre with its own title called Chess Rush.

Nintendo Switch Online surpasses 10 million subscribers

That’s up from the 9.8 million members the company announced back in April.

Weekly global mobile games charts: Wizards Unite hits top 10 US download charts but is not a top grosser

All the top five most downloaded games this week were new to the top 10. They included Tencent's Raziel in first, NetEase's Sky in second, Shanda Games' Fallout Shelter Online in third, Tianma's One Punch Man in fourth and Drodo's Auto Chess in fifth.

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