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Tencent joins Drodo Auto Chess partnership to co-publish game in China

Players will now be able to login via messaging platform Tencent QQ
Tencent joins Drodo Auto Chess partnership to co-publish game in China
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Jul 3, 2019 partnership Drodo Studio Tencent Not disclosed
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Chinese giant Tencent has partnered with developer Drodo Studio and publisher Dragonest to help co-publish Drodo Auto Chess in the region.

The news was revealed by Dragonest CEO Longfei Li on Chinese blogging site Weibo before being translated by VPEsports.

As part of the collaboration, Auto Chess players can now log in to the game through messaging platforms Wechat and Tencent QQ. Furthermore, the Auto Chess tournament that is due to take place in June 2019 will see Tencent involved in some capacity too.

Drodo Studios soft-launched the standalone version of Auto Chess at the end of May, with local publisher Dragonest signing a deal with the firm to bring the game to mobile.

“Deliberate consideration”

“It’s been more than two months since the release of Drodo Auto Chess and it’s an honor to see all the love this game has received along the way.” said Li.

“For a better development path of this game, as well as providing our players a more convenient and better gaming experience. We, after deliberate consideration, have decided to partner with Tencent to co-publish the Chinese mainland version of Drodo Auto Chess.

“We are committed to build a fair competitive environment, we will never forget why we started and only that way can we achieve what we are chasing for. With the help from our partners, Drodo will grow in a faster and healthier pace.”

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