Tencent partners Chinese live streaming platform

Users will be able to stream games from Tencent’s library

Date Type Companies involved Size
November 29th, 2019 partnership Tencent Not disclosed
Tencent partners Chinese live streaming platform

Tencent has partnered with Chinese live streaming platform to broadcast content from its games.

As reported by Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmed (via Twitter), the new agreement will see Chushou become the first platform without investment from Tencent to be able to transmit titles from their library.

China has very strict laws on game copyrights and broadcasting rights, which have more and more been coming under scrutiny.

This new deal will allow Chushou subscribers and streamers to utilise games from Tencent without the worry of legality.

Licensing model

Hardware firm Razer teamed up with the Chinese tech and entertainment giant in August to help define standard practices for cloud gaming.

Tencent is reportedly still updating its content licensing model with further changes expected in 2020.

16 international mobile games including World of Warships Blitz were recently approved for China after the country re-opened submissions earlier this year.

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