Pokemon Masters is rebranding as Pokemon Masters EX

Various events are being held for its first anniversary

Pokemon Masters is rebranding as Pokemon Masters EX

DeNA has chosen to give Pokemon Masters a bit of a rebrand as it approaches its one year anniversary, by renaming it Pokemon Masters EX.

On top of a new title, the game will undergo a revamp as the Japanese developer will release a number of content updates to demonstrate how the game has grown and evolved since its launch in August 2019. By January 2020, five months after release, the game had attracted 20 million trainers. However, it is worth noting that 10 million downloads.

For those that are interested in discovering what new content is in store, a new anniversary website has been created. There is a special one-year anniversary event in-game, should players log in and complete the bingo mission, there will be awarded up to 3,000 gems, 225 skip tickets, amongst other in-game rewards.

New content

Various events are currently ongoing in Pokemon Masters. The first being Sygna Suit Cynthia & Kommo-o, the dragon sync pair will appear in spotlight scout until September 3rd. Meanwhile, the legendary Pokemon Cyrus and Palkia will show up as part of an in-game event called New World Dilemma, which will also run until September 3rd.

Lance and Dragonite are set to return, while a rock-type egg event will take place until August 5th.

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