Ragnarok Origin reaches 400,000 pre-registrations

Adds Genshin Impact’s Lilypichu and ProZD as voice talent

Ragnarok Origin reaches 400,000 pre-registrations

South Korean publisher Gravity has announced that Ragnarok Origin has reached 400,000 pre-registrations since being announced in September.

The game is a reimagining of 2002’s ionic Ragnarok Online.

In honour of the pre-registration milestone, Gravity has announced that players will receive rewards of Luck Farming Candy, Combat Acceleration Candy and Quality Reincarnation Candy, which will give players a boost to drops, XP and allow them to reset their attributes.

Players can expect to receive more rewards as further pre-registration milestones are reached.

Ragnarok Origin is adapting the classic world of Ragnarok Online for the mobile generation, bringing the old-school MMORPG experience to a new audience. The game features detailed 3D graphics, improved combat and reworked quests.

Players are free to explore, fight, quest and socialise as they choose; they will also select one of six highly customisable character classes to play as. There are wilds to explore, huge cities to visit, and a nostalgic-yet-fresh fantasy world to become immersed in.

Iconic and classic monster designs will be featured, including the adorably squishy Porings.

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Gravity has also revealed that Genshin Impact’s Lilypichu is voicing multiple characters in the game, guiding players as Sorakki and telling beginning players all that they need to know about exploring Midgard. Lilypichu will also voice Kafra, who players will encounter in all of the major cities.

ProZD is also joining the voice cast, having previously appeared in games such as Genshin Impact and Yakuza: Like a Dragon. He is also appearing in the upcoming God of War: Ragnarok.

In Ragnarok Origin, ProZD voices Hugin and Varmundt, central characters who the player will encounter through the story. He also voices Sevren, a member of the Imperial Knights of Rune Midgarts. With his passionate personality and leadership skills, Sevren will guide players through mysterious events.

Ragnarok Origin can be played solo or online with others. It is set to launch this autumn in North America on iOS and Android, with an official release date coming soon.

Players can pre-register now on the official site.

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