Socialpoint brings Dragon City and Monster Legends to Huawei’s AppGallery

Will gradually bring its remaining portfolio to the service

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December 13th, 2021 partnership Huawei
Not disclosed
Socialpoint brings Dragon City and Monster Legends to Huawei’s AppGallery

Barcelona-based mobile games studio Socialpoint has partnered with Huawei to bring its titles to its app distribution platform, AppGallery.

The partnership will see Socialpoint’s portfolio of eight titles integrated into Huawei’s platform, beginning with the firm’s flagship titles, Dragon City and Monster Legends.

With over 700 million downloads worldwide, alongside a strong presence in the US and Europe, Socialpoint hopes that the partnership will expand its presence further across the globe.

Flagships on the frontier

"We are very happy to start this relationship with Socialpoint, a leading company in smartphone game development," said Huawei vice president of European mobile services Jaime Gonzalo.

"Thanks to this, we continue on the path of providing the best offering to our Huawei users and exponentially increasing the options available."

To support the growth of its games platform, Huawei has recently launched its official games service, GameCenter, on its mobile devices.

Socialpoint COO Pasqual Batalla added: "We are excited that Dragon City and Monster Legends will now be available to a wider audience across the globe through our partnership with AppGallery. We look forward to seeing how players engage with both games on this new platform."

We recently spoke with Huawei global director of gaming partnerships Alexandre Salem about whether games are the next frontier of entertainment.

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