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BLACKPINK The Game coming from developer Takeone

BTS sparked major success in Cookie Run Kingdom, now fellow K-idol band Blackpink are following suit
BLACKPINK The Game coming from developer Takeone
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K-idol band Blackpink are set to star in their own mobile game, BLACKPINK The Game, developed by Takeone Company and published by YG.Entertainment.

As with many idol games, the player takes on the role of manager in handling all aspects of the band’s in-game careers. The girl group, established in 2016, is arguably the biggest girl group in the world and a part of South Korea’s massive music industry, specifically the idol genre. They’ve been major breakout stars of the Asian music act, catapulting them into worldwide prominence, and now Takeone have announced they are to receive their own mobile game, with pre-registration already open.

However, Takeone Company’s latest title capitalising on their fame may also be an attempt to recapture lightning in a bottle. Specifically the success of their previous collaborations with a kpop group, BTS, with BTS World and BTS Universe. Both of which proved fairly successful for the developer, and whilst those two were published by Netmarble, it seems Takeone have partnered instead with another company, YG.Entertainment, for this.

The next BTS in mobile

BTS not only found success with their own game but also in collaborating with others. Their appearance in the title Cookie Run: Ovenbreak and Garena Free Fire were credited with delivering a major boost to these titles. Thanks to their global fan base they are arguably one of the first Kpop bands to receive global recognition, boosting not just domestic Korean audiences but worldwide ones as well.

It should come as no surprise then that as the group goes on hiatus - thanks to mandatory military service in South Korea - that companies which benefited from their collaboration and influence are looking for replacements. Blackpink, with their equal if not greater success, are a fairly safe bet for Takeone to repeat the success of BTS World and Universe. But if this works out or is just going to be a pale imitation is only going to be clear once the game releases.

In July, BLACKPINK held PUBG Mobile’s first in-game concert.