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Boom Beach blows past $820m in revenue for Supercell

The MMO real-time strategy released back in 2013
Boom Beach blows past $820m in revenue for Supercell
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Supercell’s MMO real-time strategy game Boom Beach has racked up over $820 million in revenue since launching in November 2013.

According to Sensor Tower, Boom Beach found a large portion of its success in the US, which made up 44 per cent of total player spending at $361 million.

China was the second most significant country in terms of contribution and made up 10 per cent of the games’ revenue.

The iOS App Store proved more popular for in-app purchases. Users racked up $512 million of total revenue, which stands at 62 per cent.

Despite not contributing as much financially, however, Google Play users did make up 53 per cent of Boom Beach’s 140 million downloads.

Concerning revenue among across all mobile games for August, Boom Beach came in at 284th.

Business is boomin'

Elsewhere, Supercell has enjoyed continued success with its others games Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. 

An average of $1.5 million in daily revenue pushed Clash Royale to $2.2 billion in lifetime earnings while Its other hit strategy game Clash of Clans has grossed in excess of $6 billion since its launch back in 2012.

Supercell's soft-launched title Brawl Stars, meanwhile, saw revenue jump up by 616 per cent in July following its release on Android and extension to more countries. 

According to Sensor Tower, the team-based arena shooter made $1.3 million in that month.