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Bravely Default Brilliant Lights reaches four million players in first 11 days

Featuring new and returning characters
Bravely Default Brilliant Lights reaches four million players in first 11 days

Square Enix’smobile title Bravely Default Brilliant Lights has surpassed four million downloads in less than two weeks since launch.

The recent feat, which was achieved in 11 days, was revealed on the game's official Twitter. Brilliant Lights accumulated three million downloads within the first week of its launch on January 27 2022, when it was released in Japan on iOS and Android. 

The game is free-to-play with optional microtransactions and features returning "Brave" and "Default" mechanics from previous entries, in addition to returning characters like Tiz and Agnes from the series’ first entry.

Moving into mobile

There are also brand-new characters, unlockable costumes, and three separate continents to explore. The new continent of Vermelho appears along with Luxendarc and Excillent from the 3DS and Switch entries, respectively.

A Western release has yet to be announced, and with many Square Enix titles having remained Japan-only releases, it is currently unknown whether Brilliant Lights can be expected to release elsewhere.


To celebrate the download milestone Square Enix rewarded players with 1,000 Mithril, the in-game currency. The milestone has also been celebrated with Square Enix’s release of a commemorative illustration.

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