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Company Spotlight: LeanPlum, a CleverTap company

Meet LeanPlum, the California-based marketing automation expert
Company Spotlight: LeanPlum, a CleverTap company
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Company Name:

Leanplum, a CleverTap company

Date Founded:


Business Type:

Marketing Automation Software - SaaS


Mountain View, California

Chief executive officer:

Sidharth Malik, Chief Executive Officer, CleverTap

Key Staff:

Sunil Thomas, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, CleverTap - Sunil Thomas is the co-founder and Executive Chairman of CleverTap and based in San Francisco. In his role he is focused on scaling innovation and strategic direction for CleverTap, to steer it to achieve its ambitious strategy and execute on its vision to help brands build valuable, long-term relationships with their customers. Prior to assuming the role of Executive Chairman, he was the CEO of CleverTap.

Sunil has over 30 years of experience across the technology and business sectors. Prior to founding CleverTap, Sunil held numerous C-suite positions with companies like Infospace (now Blucora), Network18, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard.

Outside of work, Sunil is passionate about sports. Along with his wife, he competes in badminton tournaments around the San Francisco Bay area and follows football, Formula-1, and cricket.

Anand Jain, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, CleverTap - Anand Jain is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at CleverTap. He is responsible for the company’s strategic direction, including innovation, design, development, project management, and product marketing. Prior to donning the hat of Chief Product Officer, Anand was the Chief Strategic Officer at CleverTap.

With over 25 years of experience as a technologist, entrepreneur, and product developer, Anand is passionate about networking and cultivating long-term relationships with his customers.

Anand is a serial entrepreneur. Back in 2006 he co-founded Burrp, India’s first food tech business which was later acquired by one of the country’s largest media conglomerates. He has also held various leadership roles including CTO at Infomedia 18 and Head of Engineering & IT at Network18 Media and Investments.

Based in Mumbai, Anand is a trekker at heart and an avid stamp collector as well.

Suresh Kondamudi, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at CleverTap - Suresh Konamundi leads the engineering team. An accomplished engineer himself, Suresh has more than 18 years of experience in building large-scale, high-performance systems.

He has previously held leadership positions at ngpay and at Network18, where he was the Chief Architect responsible for building the infrastructure for complex event-stream processing and an ad-engine.

Sidharth Malik, Chief Executive Officer, CleverTap - Sidharth Malik is the Chief Executive Officer at CleverTap. A high-growth leader, Sidharth drives the company’s global expansion and revenue growth by overseeing the development of new capabilities, improving operational efficiencies, and ensuring high customer satisfaction.

Sidharth brings 20-plus years of global leadership experience in the highly competitive IT, software, services, and Telecom markets across India and South Asia. A proven leader and business strategist in SaaS, Sidharth has an impressive track record of building dynamic organizations and growing revenues from $0-400M in various settings.

Before joining CleverTap, he served as the Chief Revenue Officer at Freshworks Inc. and was the Chairman of Freshworks India. Sidharth led the business to undisputed success, enabling it to achieve and sustain market leadership. He has also held leadership roles at Microsoft, IBM, Akamai Technologies, and Salesforce, among others. Apart from being on the board of various companies, he is also a mentor and an angel investor in several startups.

Sidharth is based out of Bangalore and loves spending time with his wife and two children. He likes to read on a diverse range of subjects and is also an active mountaineer and biker.

Momchil Kyurkchiev, Chief Strategy Officer, CleverTap - Momchil is the Chief Strategy Officer at CleverTap. Recognized as Founder of the Year by the Central European Startup Awards, he is a visionary evangelist leader passionate about building relationships and culture. He is also a leading expert on user retention and mobile marketing, sharing expertise as a TEDx speaker and industry thought leader.

Prior to CleverTap, Momchil was the Chief Product Officer of Leanplum, the mobile marketing platform company he co-founded in 2012. As the CEO of Leanplum, he grew the company to 100+ employees and $20M+ in revenue. Before founding Leanplum, he was a software engineer at Google. Momchil likes to spend time outdoors with his family, mountain biking, reading about history, and exploring the frontiers of Web3.

Number of Employees:


Contact Details:

Website & Social Media links:

Main Areas Of Business:

Full player management and engagement platform

Elevator pitch:

The only solution that combines Lifecycle Marketing & LiveOps promotions with the ability to control the live events & sales via Remote Configuration, built on a powerful foundation of real-time data & A/B testing

Projects and/or Partners:

Agency Partners: App Growth Network and Yodel Mobile

Tech Partners:

  • mParticle
  • Appsflyer
  • Adjust

Highlights / Greatest achievement So Far:

Customer Case Study for GameDuell - Prior to Leanplum, GameDuell was using a mobile engagement solution that was lacking in tracking and usability. Features that were missing include: the inability to orchestrate campaigns across various channels, suboptimal A/B testing, no analytics dashboard, no audience segmentation model, and lack of email as a channel.

Solution - Leanplum delivered all the capabilities that were missing in GameDuell’s previous solution, offering a complete solution, including detailed product analytics and email.

GameDuell uses Leanplum for three primary use cases: onboarding new users, reactivating dormant users and engaging users.

Tell us something about you that nobody really knows about:

Leanplum, powered by CleverTap, is the only solution that enables LiveOps teams and LifeCycle Marketers to work together to increase revenue and CTLV.