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Cut the Rope returns with a twist for Netflix Games

Flipping from Apple Arcade to Netflix Games, Cut the Rope has found a new home with a new daily gameplay twist
Cut the Rope returns with a twist for Netflix Games
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ZeptoLab’s classic series Cut the Rope is returning with a new game, Cut the Rope Daily, released as a Netflix Games exclusive. Max Petrov, CEO at ZeptoLab, shared the news via a post on LinkedIn.

The physics-based puzzle franchise has gained massive popularity over the years with its cute character design, addictive gameplay loop and success on the App Store. In 2010, Cut the Rope managed to amass over 50 million downloads and overtook the hit game Angry Birds on the app store charts. For years to follow, we have seen various game iterations, from Cut the Rope Merge to Om Nom: Run.

Back in 2021, ZeptoLab released Cut the Rope Remastered, which was released on Apple Arcade. However, for the new title ZeptoLab are chosing Netflix as it's new home as the streaming service swoops in to pick up another big-name game with a colourful history to add to its subscription service.

Cutting ties?

“When you put a fresh twist on a trusted formula, you can look forward to something really great. We certainly look forward to Cut the Rope Daily!” say ZeptoLab as part of their announcment.

This level-a-day design is a sure way to ensure that players return to the game every day for essentially a title that could provide years worth of content updates, rather than updating and releasing sequels. It's a model used to great effect by the likes of Wordle. This format will also appeal to Netflix as it means more incentive for players to keep dipping into their games offering to discover what's new - countering early worries about the service's visibility - and - of course - is a further incentive to maintain that Netflix subscription. Win win.

Last year games began to leave the Apple Arcade service as their contracts ended and while Apple Arcade still has hundreds of titles on the platform, we are starting to see more games lured to Netflix as the two lock horns and strike deals in a subscription service battle.

Apple has come under a lot of heat concerning its 30% commission on its in-app purchases, which has proved troublesome for many developers and has prompted more studio to explore alternative platforms for their games.

Cut the Rope Daily will be available on iOS and Android on August 1st, adding to Netlix's current lineup of casual and premium-like games.