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Indie classic World of Goo comes to Netflix Games

The original indie hit from 2008 has been remastered for modern mobile
Indie classic World of Goo comes to Netflix Games
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Indie classic World of Goo, originally released in 2008 for Windows and Wii and 2011 for early iOS and Android, will be coming to Netflix games on May 23, it has been announced.

As with all the Netflix Games titles, World of Goo will be free of charge to all subscribers and accessible through the streaming service’s mobile app. The remastered version includes updated graphics and cloud saving across multiple devices. It also marks another exclusive title to come to the Netflix Games platform, alongside sequels to cult classics like Valiant Hearts: Coming Home.

Although the streaming giant’s main product of shows and movies has taken a hit due to an ongoing writers strike, it seems games have not even stumbled. Last month Netflix reiterated its commitment to games, and mentioned that they would be maintaining a policy of not including in-game advertisements in their titles regardless of the user’s subscription.

Indie classics

The inclusion of World of Goo on the Netflix Games service should be one to make note of, as it represents a deviation from their previous exclusives. With games such as Desta: The Memories Between and Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, the streaming giant has been concentrating on newly developed games, whereas World of Goo is a much older title being rereleased for mobile. However, rather than seeing World of Goo as a lesser entry compared to these, it can be seen as a shrewd inclusion.

World of Goo was an award winning title when it was released in 2008, and has been credited as a prime example of a successful indie game in both financial and critical terms. The precursor to many of the physics-puzzle titles we enjoy today - including megahits like Angry Birds. It has faded into history somewhat with only a re-release onto the Epic Games platform and an update pushed out to the title on other PC platforms to update it to this standard. For Netflix this represents an opportunity to bring a classic title back to the forefront with what will, hopefully, be evergreen gameplay to appeal to a wide audience.