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Company Spotlight: Digital Turbine

Find out more about Digital Turbine - the independent mobile growth platform, headquartered in Austin, Texas, with studios in 23 countries around the world
Company Spotlight: Digital Turbine

Company Name

Digital Turbine

Date Founded


Business Type

Mobile Adtech


Headquarters in Austin with locations in 23 countries across the globe

Managing Director

Bill Stone, CEO

Key Staff

Barrett Garrison, CFO, Sylvia Krzmarzick, Chief People Officer

Number of Employees


Contact Details

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 Main Areas Of Business

Mobile Growth and Monetisation

Elevator pitch

We are the leading independent mobile growth platform - levelling up the landscape for advertisers, publishers & original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Projects and/or Partners

  • Apps: Jam City, King, Rovio, Zynga, Spotify, Uber
  • Brands: Amazon, Starbucks, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Nintendo, Unilever
  • Telecom: Verizon, Samsung, AT&T, Cricket, Telefónica

Highlights / Achievements

In the past two years, Digital Turbine has gone through an evolution to become an end-to-end mobile growth and monetisation platform. Since the acquisitions of AdColony, Fyber, and Appreciate and the integrations of each company’s products, we are able to ensure clients and partners there will be no competition with them as a truly independent platform. We are able to be better and bolder for publishers, brands, and telecom.

Digital Turbine’s Monetisation and Growth Suites are the complete mobile success toolkit. DT Monetisation provides trust and comfort through flexible and transparent solutions – all with human account managers. Our real-time mediation, award-winning brand and programmatic marketplace demand, and innovative revenue solutions bring publishers the peace of mind needed for growth. DT Growth combines simplicity with high-impact performance campaigns. We give app developers and performance marketers access to a multi-channel UA engine with a footprint larger than any ad network outside of Google. With access to the newest and hottest devices and apps, we power seamless app discovery through premium on-device access to 800 million devices globally and targeted in-app advertising with over 80,000 software development kit (SDK) integrations.

Digital Turbine’s Ignite Platform sparks customer engagement and bottom-line revenues for telcos. Our app and content discovery solutions turn telco subscribers into fans by providing top-level mobile experiences that speak to their passions. For apps, subscribers enjoy a ready-made phone loaded with their favourite apps, or they can customise it to their liking by grabbing apps on-demand or through a curated selection. For content, they’ll get the media that matters to them through seamless touchpoints and immersive portals. SingleTap monetisation will significantly increase conversion rates AND provide earned revenue for telcos with every app install. The end result is solutions that maximise revenue and the user experience.

Digital Turbine’s Reach Suite expands the boundaries of mobile creative, giving brands the opportunity to take their mobile experiences to the next level. Our solutions extend creative output and combine it with our massive in-app and on-device reach, letting brands and agencies campaign bigger without growing in-house resources. Combining a large in-app inventory with our existing telco partnerships that give us access to millions of devices, we open a world of opportunities to reach brand and agency goals.

Thanks to the shared commitment of amazing people across the organisation, we can offer the best service to our clients as a unified and dedicated team. From tech to product to sales and everything in between, Digital Turbine’s workforce come from all ends of the mobile world. At Digital Turbine, we empower each other to bring unique perspectives and experiences to work, and we continually seek new ways to do so through our community action team program.

The mission of this employee-led program is to create purposeful action to build a stronger and more connected team. Currently, our teams have driven meaningful advancements in our Digital Turbine Gives Program, Peer-to-Peer Mentoring, and Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and will continue to identify and work toward areas that create the most impact for our employees. With our product offering and amazing team, Digital Turbine has been recognised by several prestigious organisations and awards including Deloitte, Austin Chamber of Commerce, Adexchanger, MMA Smarties, Adweek Readers’ Choice and many more.