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Discord users can have text conversations with Matrix-based apps

EMS has secured a deal with the company
Discord users can have text conversations with Matrix-based apps
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Element Matrix Services (EMS) has secured a deal with Discord to allow text conversations between different platforms.

Through the agreement, there will be a fully-hosted bridge that enables communication between Matrix-based applications and Discord.

As such, EMS customers can now bring together all of their communities, regardless of which platform they use.

Moreover, Discord users do not need to change a thing, everything will continue to operate in the same way while they communicate with those that use other platforms.

Bridge the gap

In Discord, Matrix users will appear with both their avatar and name, and vice versa.

For the time being, each bridge with discord supports up to 20 rooms. However, all of them have unlimited use. Moreover, numerous bridges may be launched to support as many rooms as required.

As of May 2019, Discord boasts more than 250 million users worldwide. Moreover, last month the company doubled its valuation to $7 billion.

In July 2020, the games chat platform raised $100 million so that it could expand beyond the games industry.