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Disney and GungHo strike deal to launch Disney Pixel RPG later this year

The gacha RPG will feature characters from across Disney’s properties, from Stitch to Mickey Mouse
Disney and GungHo strike deal to launch Disney Pixel RPG later this year
  • Disney Pixel RPG is due to launch on September 9th
  • Popular Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Ariel, and Stitch will appear as pixelated heroes in-game

Disney’s latest video game IP Disney Pixel RPG will bring Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and other popular toons to Android and iOS in pixelated form later this year.

Scheduled for a September 9th release - though subject to change - the upcoming mobile title is in development with Disney’s newest partner GungHo Online Entertainment. It marks the latest in a series of deals from Disney, licencing out famous characters to the lucrative world of video games without taking the full plunge on its lonesome.

Of mice and mobile games

Disney Pixel RPG has confirmed popular characters from across Disney’s vast spread of IPs, spanning the years to offer fans new and old a favourite to latch onto. Whether that’s Stitch, Airel, Pooh, or even Baymax, each character adopts a classic pixel-graphics artstyle harkening back to RPGs of a past age.

Through the adventure, players will journey through multiple worlds and aim to restore order, putting a stop to the strange programs breaking down realities. Naturally, Disney heroes will go into battle against these programs, with combat promised to be "fast-paced" and "strategic" without requiring RPG expertise.

In fact, there’s even an auto-play function for those players who are more Disney fans than gamers, and an idle mode will reward players with items even while AFK.

Pre-registrations opened on July 8th with prizes like free gacha pulls and avatar customisation options encouraging early hype. GungHo’s expectations are evidently modest, considering the use of so many Disney characters, as the top reward will be gifted as long as 200,000 people pre-register.

A sample of characters coming to Disney Pixel RPG
A sample of characters coming to Disney Pixel RPG

Compared to the likes of Zenless Zone Zero, HoYoverse’s latest game that exceeded its 40 million pre-registration goal, a 200,000 target looks somewhat on the low side.

The low goal embodies Disney’s own stance on video games: hopeful, but lacking in confidence. The media giant has a tendency to greenlight one-off deals and titles as opposed to building its own games franchises, and while CEO Bob Iger may talk a big game about acquiring a major publisher, putting words into action is another matter.

The games industry is a difficult one to break, after all, and Netflix has shown that having a pre-established audience isn’t enough on its own. Instead, Disney has opted for licencing its IP to those already consumed in the industry, like Kabam with Disney Mirrorverse, Square Enix with Kingdom Hearts, and Disney-themed experiences in Fortnite.

But adding GungHo to its list of team-ups does show Disney knows how to pick its partners; this is the developer behind one of mobile gaming’s most lucrative games ever, after all…