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Dive into Web3, artificial intelligence and esports at Dubai GameExpo Summit!

Dubai GameExpo Summit is happening this June 21st-22nd, get an exclusive look at all the future-gazing content we have lined up for you at the Summit.
Dive into Web3, artificial intelligence and esports at Dubai GameExpo Summit!

The Dubai GameExpo Summit is taking place this June 21st to 22nd, and the tickets to this incredible event are now on sale. We currently have an Early Bird discount running that is only available for a limited time, so secure your ticket to this highly anticipated Summit now and get the best deal possible!

This summer, we’re partnering up with Dubai’s Department of Economy & Tourism to bring an unmissable games conference experience to the glorious city of Dubai, in the fastest growing region of the international games industry. The GameExpo Summit powered by PG Connects will take place over two days as part of the Dubai Esports and Games Festival event at an incredible state-of-the-art venue, the Dubai Exhibition Centre within Expo City Dubai. The summit itself will feature more than 100 renowned games industry speakers from all over the globe delivering insightful talks, panels and seminars across a number of themed tracks. You can look forward to the same type of invaluable learning and networking opportunities you’ve come to expect from Pocket Gamer Connects events, and today, we’re sharing a little bit more about the content you can expect to see at the Summit.

Keep on reading for an exclusive look at the official content themes and tracks of the Dubai GameExpo Summit!

Dubai GameExpo Summit’s Official Themes & Tracks

Theme: Future Tech
Stay ahead of the game with insight into all the latest and most up to date global trends for the future. Explore future technologies that are shaping the game development landscape, from artificial intelligence, to web3, the metaverse and blockchain.

Tracks under this theme:
AI Advances
From art to scriptwriting and programming: machine learning and artificial intelligence will change the way we create and communicate

Web3 Wonders
What's next for the blockchain gaming scene? Dive deeper into the techniques and strategies that are shaping this growing market

Building on Blockchain
An introduction to what blockchain means for any developer - with insights into the technology and how crypto works with games.

Mapping the Metaverse
Get the most out of the modern metaverse! Discover the cutting edge of communication and entertainment

NFT Know-how
Non-fungible tokens: how unique digital assets are changing the way people play today

Theme: The Business of Games
The global games industry is expected to surpass $200bn in 2023. Find out more about the business of games from the latest monetization and UA techniques and using data to drive decision-making, to exploring the hottest market trends and growth strategies.

Tracks under this theme:
Publishing Power
Get the most out of your publishing deal and take your game's launch to the next level

Make the most of new advertising formats, IAPs and other monetization developments in this focused track.

Show Me The Money
The latest trends from the world of finance plus practical insight on securing the funding that will make a difference to your business.

The Growth Track
Essential insight into user acquisition, retention techniques, and how to grow your game.

Theme: Knowledge Sharing
Be inspired by personal stories of success, failure and most importantly the lessons learned along the way. You can expect to hear tips and tricks on practical aspects of game development and case studies from the front line, to improving your development toolkit and thriving as an indie developer.

Tracks under this theme:
Game Dev Stories
Hear from games developers and find out what they are working on, how they have innovated and what lessons they have learned along the way.

Incredible Indies
How to survive and thrive as a smaller studio in today's competitive games development landscape.

The Developer Toolkit
Everything a growing developer needs: essential, practical advice about all aspects of making games.

Industry Visions & Values
Making the games industry a better place - how can we look after staff and make a positive difference in the wider world.

Games Industry 101
Just getting started in the games industry? This primer gives you the fast-track on the essentials that you need to know!

Theme: Trends & Innovations
Keep up with the times by gaining insight into all the most recent and cutting-edge global trends. Discover the latest innovations by looking specifically at the MENA region and professional play in Esports as well as the international market.

Tracks under this theme:
State of play - MENA Trends
Facts, figures and insight into the latest & hottest industry trends from top MENA games companies.

Esports Innovations
Unbeatable insight into the opportunities in competitive gaming and the future of the esports gaming market.

Global Trends
From East to West: facts, figures and insight into the latest industry scale and key trends from all over the globe.

Book your ticket now!
Join us in Dubai this summer for a front row seat at all the expert-led sessions under the tracks and themes above! Purchase a ticket to this unmissable Summit to join in on the gaming experience of a lifetime – buying a ticket grants you full access to the wider Dubai Games & Esports Festival taking place over the week of June 21st to 25th, so the value of this ticket is immense. You will want to plan ahead to make sure you get to make the most of the festival and visiting this incredible destination, so book your ticket now and secure the best deal possible via our official sales partner here. There is currently a limited time Early Bird discount available, so purchase your ticket as soon as you can for the best deal.

See you in Dubai!