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Edgegap: lag and latency are major problems for mobile gamers

Mobile gamers experience lag and latency at greater rates than PC/console, with 34% quitting games entirely as a result
Edgegap: lag and latency are major problems for mobile gamers

A report published by Edgegap has delved into the key issues regarding player experience, and found that latency and lag are the most prominent issues facing issues.

The report studied 2,000 UK and US gamers across a variety of demographics and found that 97 per cent of those surveyed have experienced latency and/or lag while playing games, and 50 per cent cite it as their biggest frustration, with 34 per cent surveyed admitting to quitting games or sessions entirely.

Mobile players suffer latency above PC/console

A further 31 per cent of those surveyed are willing to sacrifice game quality for overall performance by turning down graphics and other settings.

Overall, mobile gamers experienced latency or lag more frequently than those playing on either PC or console, with 30 per cent of mobile gamers stating they frequently experienced problems on the platform. 72 per cent of these issues were due to network issues, while 53 per cent were due to the software itself. However, 51 per cent of those surveyed were more likely to place the blame on the game developers.

Reactions to lag are split across demographics. 42 per cent of female gamers surveyed cited lag as an issue, compared to 36 per cent of male players. However, 62 per cent of female gamers were more likely to use a quick fix rather than pay for a solution, compared to 57 per cent of males.

The study also found that lag is more common for gamers in the 18-24 age range (48 per cent) than older ones (36 per cent), and are more likely to quit the game in some form if they experience latency (66 per cent, compared to 58 per cent).

Edgegap director of business developement Jeff Tremblay recently spoke at PGC Seattle on the need to address vital security issues, if play-to-earn to be become popularised.