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Enhance your games industry knowledge at PGC Helsinki 2024

18 unmissable conference tracks covering all the hottest topics, from AI and Web3 to Finest Finland and Nordic Next
Enhance your games industry knowledge at PGC Helsinki 2024

More than 1,500 attendees will head to Helsinki this October 1st and 2nd for the two-day games industry conference, Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki.

As well as our free online meeting scheduler and fringe events for the very finest curated networking, the 18-track conference schedule will be delivered by more than 200 expert speakers. 

Helsinki is well established as a mobile gaming production hub, driven by its robust technology sector, favourable government initiatives, and a flourishing startup environment.

These factors have developed to further build the city as a prime destination not only for mobile, PC and console gaming development but also as key location within the industry for the emergence and growth of innovative technologies including AI, Web3 and virtual reality.

We’ll be covering all these topics along with the fundamentals of raising investment, launching and growing successful games and showcasing the tools and services that support them. Indeed, with content from over 200 speakers across multiple tracks, there will be something to inspire and inform all comers to the conference.

Our format is deliberately quick-fire to squeeze as much content as we can. Typically a single session will be around 20 minutes long, with 40 to 50 minutes allotted for the expert panels.

Here's the lowdown on the 18 tracks at PG Connects Helsinki 2024.

Finest Finland

Discover Finland’s hottest industry trends and gain valuable insight into the latest facts and figures. Explore beyond the borders to uncover a wealth of information, encompassing diverse sectors and cutting-edge developments.

Stay updated and informed with concise, relevant content that captures the essence of the ever-evolving games industry landscape.

Future Formats

Explore the future of games, where ground-breaking technologies like AI, Metaverse, and web3 redefine the industry landscape. Delve into discussions about the transformative power of these innovations, unravelling their potential dominance and anticipating the ripple effects on the games ecosystem.

This track scrutinises the dynamic interplay of emerging technologies, offering insights into the multifaceted evolution that awaits the games landscape.

Game Dev Stories

Get inspired by the firsthand experiences of games developers as they share their latest projects, groundbreaking innovations, and invaluable lessons learned throughout their journey.

Gain exclusive insights into their creative process, discover the innovative solutions they’ve implemented, and uncover the wisdom they’ve gained along the way. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry and fuel your own path to success in game development.

Game Maker Insights

Immerse yourself in real-world case studies from the forefront of the industry, delving into diverse areas such as game design, audio production, character design, user experience (UX), and narrative development.

Gain valuable insights from these practical examples that showcase successful approaches, innovative techniques, and effective strategies employed by industry professionals. Expand your knowledge and stay inspired by the experiences shared by experts in these key domains of game development and design.

Global Trends

Embark on a journey that spans across continents, as we present you with an expansive view of the games industry’s latest trends, facts, figures, and insights from around the world.

Delve into the dynamic landscapes of both the East and the West, gaining a comprehensive understanding of regional nuances, market dynamics, and emerging opportunities.

Stay informed and inspired by the diverse and ever-evolving global games industry, ensuring you remain at the forefront of this thrilling and vibrant ecosystem.

Incredible Indies

Discover essential strategies and insights on not just surviving but thriving as a smaller studio in the fiercely competitive games development landscape of today. Learn how to leverage your strengths, cultivate a unique identity, and differentiate yourself in the market.

Explore effective techniques, smart resource management, and innovative approaches to game design. Arm yourself with the knowledge and tools to carve out a successful path for your studio in the dynamic games industry.

Industry Visions & Values

Uncover the skills to building a stronger and more inclusive games industry, as we aspire to create a positive future for all. Explore strategies for fostering diversity, promoting ethical practices, and prioritising player well-being.

Embrace a culture of inclusivity, collaboration, and responsible game development. Together, let’s shape a brighter future where the games industry serves as a force for good, bringing joy, entertainment, and meaningful experiences to players worldwide.

IP Unlocked

Delve into the intricate landscape of licensing and navigating the potential pitfalls associated with working with intellectual property. Uncover the key strategies for harnessing the immense global influence wielded by major franchises.

Whether it’s unlocking opportunities or sidestepping challenges, gain insights into maximising the power and potential inherent in intellectual property collaborations, and understand the dynamics shaping the expansive world of big franchises.

Master the Multiplayer sponsored by Photon

Multiplayer games continue to dominate the charts, captivating gamers worldwide. To excel in this fiercely competitive landscape, consider these essential tips, cutting-edge technology, and the secrets for success.

Master the art of teamwork, leverage innovative game mechanics, harness the power of cloud gaming, embrace cross-platform compatibility, and deliver a seamless, immersive experience. Unleash your potential and conquer the multiplayer arena!


Unleash the full potential of cutting-edge advertising formats, in-app purchases (IAPs), and other groundbreaking monetisation developments in this specialised track. Stay ahead of the curve by exploring the latest advancements in targeted advertising, optimising IAP strategies, and leveraging innovative monetisation models.

Discover the keys to effectively monetise your games and maximise revenue streams, ensuring long-term success and profitability in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

New Frontiers

The gaming world is a big place. Knowing everything about the market you’re in is core business basics, of course, but forgetting to look beyond this will severely restrict the potential success of your game.

So come explore new markets with us, and discover the reasons behind the regions you should consider entering to truly take your game to the next level.

Nordic Next

Helsinki and Finland have earned a deserved reputation as a gaming production hub but their Nordic neighbours have collectively ensured the region as a whole has been regarded as one that can comfortably play on the inernational stage when it comes to the making of games.

Discover the companies and individuals that are emerging as the next generation set to take this ever-exciting region to new heights.

Powering Payments

Discover alternative revenue streams beyond conventional billing practices. Explore innovative methods to generate income in emerging markets and online platforms.

Adapt to the evolving payment landscape and capitalise on the opportunities presented by web stores. Diversify your earning potential by learning about alternative ways to monetise your products or services.

Practical AI

Dive into AI’s pivotal role in game development, crafting immersive virtual worlds, optimising performance, and elevating player experiences. Learn to harness AI tools to push boundaries ethically, while addressing concerns.

Explore its evolution in enhancing gameplay, procedural generation, and adaptive systems, unlocking new heights in game design. Embrace AI’s transformative power while navigating ethical considerations to shape the future of gaming.

Publisher Power

Explore the challenges and opportunities of games publishing. Including insights into the unique cultural and regulatory considerations of global regions, as well as strategies for navigating these challenges and maximising revenue potential to get the most out of your publishing deal and take your game’s launch to the next level.

Show Me The Money

Stay updated on the latest trends in the world of investment and gain practical insights on how to secure impactful funding for your business. Explore strategies to attract investors, navigate funding options, and make informed financial decisions.

Join us to unlock the keys to funding success and discover the latest trends as the games industry goes through this turbulent period.

The Developer Toolkit

Experts in game development will share their insights into the essential tools, software, and processes that are crucial for creating high-quality games, as well as tips for optimising workflows and collaborating effectively as a team.

The Growth Track

In addition to mastering gameplay mechanics, understanding user acquisition and retention techniques is crucial for growing your game.

Gain essential insights into effective strategies on how to grow your business in adverse and new environments, optimise your game’s user interface, and continuously analyse player feedback.
With these strategies for expanding into new territories and adapting to changing market conditions, you can attract and retain a dedicated player base, ensuring steady growth and success for your game.

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