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5 reasons why Helsinki is at the heart of the global games industry

PG Connects returns to Finland this October 1st and 2nd
5 reasons why Helsinki is at the heart of the global games industry

Helsinki has long been at the forefront of the global games industry, with a particularly fine heritage in mobile.

That's why we've been visiting every year since 2014 for our annual PG Connects Helsinki two-day conference.

Here are five reasons behind its phenomenal success and why we've adopted it as our home-from home:

1) Pedigree

The spiritual home of mobile games boasts household names such as Supercell and Rovio.

Finland has also embraced PC and console platforms featuring premium development studios such as Remedy Entertainment, with the halo effect spreading across the Nordics.

This is reflected with 16% increase in active developer studios and a whopping 200% increase in developer studio investments post-pandemic.

2) Supportive community

Finland's games community is built on openness and trust. Developers regularly get together to share learnings, insights and what they are up to.

The country's IGDA chapter is one of the largest in the world and helps the Finnish games hub maintain its culture and support this vibrant industry.

3) Business-friendly environment

Finland is known for its stable economy, low corruption rates and ease of doing business internationally.

With English widely spoken, Finnish games companies are exporting their products and culture of knowledge-sharing to a wider range of markets. The talent base has greatly expanded across borders due since the pandemic.

4) A great place to find work

With a bouyant local market, initiatives such as Games Factory Talents help people recruit at every level. Organisations such as Neogames and Women in Games Finland help unite the Finnish games industry.

We're also hosting the Careers Zone at PG Connects Helsinki again this year - more on this soon!

5) It's the happiest country

The World Happiness Report has once again found Finland to be the happiest country for 2024. As well as social equality and welfare, the professional culture promotes a healthy work-life balance.

Part of that is that Finns both work hard and play hard - just like PG Connects! Come for the conference and cut loose at the Global Connects party!

Five full days of the finest Finnish networking

More than 1,500 attendees will head to Helsinki this October 1st and 2nd for the two-day games industry conference, Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki

As well as the 18-track conference schedule delivered by more than 200 expert speakers, we also offer a range of fringe events for the very finest curated networking. 

PG Connects Helsinki will form the core of the week-long Finnish Games Week, also featuring the Leadership Day 2024 by IGDA Finland and the W Love Games 2024 conference.

The three events combined represent a full working week of games industry learning, networking and competition in Helsinki, the heartland of mobile gaming.