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Epic Games Store coming to mobile by end of 2024

New marketplace offers 88/12 revenue share, coming to iOS and Android
Epic Games Store coming to mobile by end of 2024
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The Epic Games Store will come to mobile on both iOS and Android by the end of 2024, the company has announced during its State of Unreal event at GDC.

Epic Games Store general manager Steve Allison said the company had “tirelessly been fighting” gatekeepers on mobile - a swipe at platform holders Apple and Google. Notably, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney - the usual host for its State of Unreal events - was not at the show as he is currently in Australia for another antitrust court case against the two companies.

Epic Games Store for Mobile

Allison said the launch of the Epic Games Store on mobile would make it the “first ever” games-focused, multiplatform marketplace, anchored by players’ Epic accounts. The store will of course feature Fortnite and a "selection of third-party partners".

Alongside the launch of the store, Epic will also be releasing new self-publishing tools specifically for mobile.

Existing terms for EGS on PC will also apply to mobile. This means that developers will get a 88/12 revenue split in favour of developers - notably lower than the App Store and Google Play’s 30% fee.

Games with in-app purchases can use their own payment service provider. Meanwhile, other deals, such as 0% Unreal Engine royalties for gameson EGS, while better deals with companies that launch exclusively through EGS are also available.

Epic said that on PC at the end of 2023, EGS had 270 million+ player accounts, with 75m+ monthly active users, with players spending $950 million over the year.