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Gazeus Games' Estela Rocha and Aarki's Aman Sareen on savvy strategies for leaner teams | Podcast

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Gazeus Games' Estela Rocha and Aarki's Aman Sareen on savvy strategies for leaner teams | Podcast
  • Get the tips you need to make the most out of a tight-knit team
  • Plus: We reveal the metrics that really matter
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A leaner team paves the way for a smarter UA strategy - a must-have for studios with a broad portfolio like Gazeus Games.

Estela Rocha, marketing coordinator at Gazeus, shares the savvier steps any marketer can take to make the most out of their tight-knit team, from attracting the awareness of attention whales to playing to the preferences of old and new users alike.

Following that, our host, Peggy Anne Salz, takes a deep dive into growing and re-engaging mobile app consumers with Aman Sareen, CEO of Aarki.

Aman breaks down the Aarki rebrand, reveals the metrics that really matter, and surprises us with his take on how many partners marketers should work with to move the needle on campaigns - and remain sane!

Listen. Learn. Enjoy.

What's inside:

00:00 - Estela Intro
01:58 - Managing UA across a broad portfolio
05:30 - Attention whales
08:15 - What entices players?
09:18 - Estela in her own ads
10:30 - Making the most of a small team
12:48 - Appeasing new and old players
14:33 - What to pay attention to in A/B tests
16:55 - Small step, big career impact
19:25 - Maintaining motivation
21:10 - Aman Intro
22:20 - 3 pillars of the new Aarki
24:00 - More or less partners?
25:35 - What metrics matter?

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