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  • Audience Type: Developers, Indies, Recruitment, C-level, Marketing, Students, Creatives, Investors, Publishers, Tool Providers, Technical Teams, Ad Companies, Media, Youtubers / Streamers
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Following a fantastic first event in April, PG Connects and its Big Screen Gaming partner conferences are returning once more in digital form.

Whilst we all hope that IRL games industry networking events will be able to return in some form soon (and as it stands we believe that PGC Helsinki, PGC Jordan and PGC Seattle will go ahead in Q4), the need to connect and do business remains as strong as ever, despite many of us being isolated at home.

In our continuing mission to serve the games industry, we have established a steady stream of both free and premium digital events that will sit alongside our media to provide regular touch points. April saw us run our first ever PG Connects Digital and we were so overwhelmed by the industry support and engagement (c.1,000 delegates from 60 countries coming on board) that we immediately greenlit PG Connects Digital #2. Again it could be just the second in a short-run series or become a regular thing, it all depends on the global business situation and the feedback from our delegates - regardless we will continue our ongoing mission to connect, support and celebrate this incredible industry.

And in that mission we can assure you that we will continue to work incredibly hard to distil as much of the content and spirit as we can from the traditional PG Connects events you have come to know and love over the last seven years and hone the format so it can be as genuinely useful as possible. That means expert talks and panels, a brand new and massively improved digital meeting system (with built-in audio/video conferencing), digital versions of Big Indie Pitches and fringe events like Publisher SpeedMatch, and maybe more surprises too. All carried out to fit around your schedule and from the comfort of your office computer, wherever you are in the world.

Expert Insight

As one of an expected 1,000+ delegates, you will have access to an innovative online platform for five days in June.

For the first three days, you'll be able to select from a programme of great live video content full of insight and practical advice across themed conference tracks. You can watch the tracks live or catch up on the recorded videos within your own time, and if you're online while the speakers are performing you'll be able to interact live with them and the other viewers with questions and comments.

We'll unveil the speakers and schedule progressively on the official site and through our media channels.

You can expect the usual inspiring talks from over 150 speakers who will educate and inspire through an agenda of themed tracks set to cover monetisation and growth, global game trends and company culture, development tools and stories and strategies to thrive in the modern gaming market be it mobile, PC, console or XR.

24-Hour Networking For All

Aside from the talks, you'll have until the end of the week to connect with other attendees, to meet, discuss, do deals and make plans using the all-new online meeting system. The system will go live a week or so ahead of the event and should remember all your info if you previously signed up. There is more information here.

Plus we'll also be running online variants of our celebrated Big Indie Pitch, Investor Connector, and Publisher SpeedMatch activities, that will bring together specific groups with specific needs. Please register your interest at the links below and we will send you details...

We also have CAREERS WEEK and the IGDA MENTOR CAFÉ..

The event is called Connects because that’s what we help you do; connect with the whole gaming industry, from students and indie studios to the media, international investors and publishers. No other event puts you in touch with the entire mobile gaming industry like our Connects conferences, and this remains true of Digital.

MOST of the benefits of an IRL conference!

We're not going to pretend this will have ALL the benefits of a regular conference. There are no free drinks for a start (although you could crack open a bottle at home), no booths to wander or cool freebies to pocket, you obviously don't get the thrill of visiting a foreign city (although we guess you could go on holiday and connect from there if you desired) and generally there’ll be less of those incidental catch-ups and spontaneous meetings that often make the whole thing worthwhile.

We're also not going to pretend we'll get everything faultlessly perfect, there's a lot of tech platforms involved and we're evolving our approach all the time, so even though this is version 2, we're going to take our inspiration from google and leave the 'beta' tag on for a little while!

But we know that you understand all that, you're in the games business, right? Everything is a work in progress, even after it's released! We also feel sure that you'll lend us your patience, trust and support to try and pull off something that can genuinely help us all stay connected, doing business and having fun through these challenging times.

Tickets are available now!

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