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Facebook marketing partner ZingFront aims to be a key ad creative player in global markets

A look at the company's SocialPeta and UnrealFront products
Facebook marketing partner ZingFront aims to be a key ad creative player in global markets

One of the biggest trends in recent years has been the rise of advertising revenue as a lucrative source for gaming and app developers.

Nowhere has this been seen more than the hyper-casual sector, with the likes of Ketchapp, Playgendary and Voodoo seemingly making vast sums of money from an ad-focused business model. Indeed, the latter raised $200 million from Goldman Sachs thanks to its repeat successes.

Alongside such success, the advertising space is rife with highly competitive ad networks looking to serve these ads in various formats - from playable ads to rewarded videos - for the swathes of developers utilizing them.

One company carving out its own space is Chinese firm ZingFront, which has its HQ in Beijing and other offices in Wuhan, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hong Kong and San Francisco.

The company recently became a Facebook Marketing Partner, cementing its position as a leading ad creative provider.

During the Facebook Global Partner Summit, Facebook product director Diana Williams said its tools were ideal for producing “high quality, 3D videos, easily”.

Its suite of tools and services cover creating ads, serving them and tracking their performance.

Clients for Zingfront’s array of services include Yoozoo, Perfect World China, Google China, Baidu and Elex, for games including Legacy of Discord, King of Avalon and Guns of Glory.

One of these services is SocialPeta, which offers features such as Top Ads, Ads Gallery, Ads Intelligence, App Intelligence and Inventory Intelligence. The service covers almost 100 countries and networks around the world, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, AdMob and Unity Ads etcetera.

“Compared with competitors, ZingFront has an intelligent combination of advertising solutions,” says ZingFront CEO Xiuwen Zhao, adding that SocialPeta has served more than 500 million ads are amounting to more than 1TB of data every day.

“It can help customers quickly formulate marketing strategies and verify specific plans with numbers.”

Another of ZingFront’s products is UnrealFront, a tool for creating video and playable ads.

The customer only needs 10 minutes and then they can create a 3D video by themselves. The platform comes with over 100 premade scenes, 300-character models, 400 special effects, 5,000 acts and more than 200 filters.

According to a Yoozoo executive, “with the creative video software developed by ZingFront, even our common designer is able to produce 3D video ads. This greatly shortens the production cycle and saves on marketing costs”.

Baidu BV believed: “The future represents an era of videos, especially personalised 3D videos."

Whether it is advertising, media, App or any social networking, ZingFront’s unique AI production engine can greatly enhance the ability to produce 3D videos. ZingFront’s scope of services will extend from covering large-scale advertising clients to embracing ordinary creators and various SEMs.

Not just video though, UnrealFront can also be used to create playable ads - one of the hottest advertising ad creative formats right now.

These playable ads are based on HTML5 and ZingFront’s tools can be used to collect information on its consumption such as the time, conversion and location. By using the latter data, different, localised ads can be served to players depending on the region they are based in.

On UnrealFront, Zhao adds: “We help our customers to minimise cost, for many playable and 3D video ad cretives are way too expensive and way too time consuming. UnrealFront can create strong creatives for mobile games developers’ ads and help them perform better.”

You can find out more details about ZingFront’s services on its official website.