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Fanta rebrand includes mobile game launch to better reach Gen Z

Fanta Digital Ride n Sip includes motion control gameplay
Fanta rebrand includes mobile game launch to better reach Gen Z
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The Coca-Cola Company has officially revealed its rebrand of Fanta Orange alongside a noteworthy marketing campaign. Seeking to raise the venerable fizzy orange drink's appeal, the company has launched a mobile game, Fanta Digital Ride n Sip, as part of its promotional strategy.

Popping onto mobile

Details were shared with Marketing Dive, such as the new logo, packaging and flavour of Fanta Orange, enhancing its "taste and tingle". Content creators from Gen Z have been signed up as partners to promote to a younger audience, and tapping into mobile gamers through the new game is simply a defacto modern marketing measure designed to expand Fanta’s reach even further.

In a time where TV ads and magazines’ reach have diminished, especially when reaching for younger consumers, shifting focus and embracing the future through in-game promotions seems like the logical step to follow this audience. Given that 37 percent of Gen Z gamers play games daily, a new Fanta mobile title - should it go viral - could make for a massive advertisement opportunity.

Fanta Digital Ride n Sip is itself a web-based mobile game where players control a glass of Fanta Orange. Gameplay is based around tilting, using motion sensors within the phone to prevent the drink from spilling as it travels around a roller coaster track.

Of course, this isn't the first connection between The Coca-Cola Company and the mobile gaming industry; last year, Bobby Kotick, who had been part of the company's board of directors since 2012, decided against standing for re-election. Around the same time, Riot Games revealed a multi-year partnership with Coca-Cola to align the brand with League of Legends: Wild Rift and Wild Rift Esports.

Reportedly, Fanta Orange is also moving away from a sugar-centric focus, perhaps reflecting the general rise in awareness of healthy food and drink among its target demographic.

Also recently rebranding, the hypercasual game developer Gamejam Co. changed its name to Superfine with its focus pivoting to Web3 as a growth platform. Israel-based startup Edge Gaming, meanwhile, has rebranded to Ludeo.