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Fire Emblem Heroes fires up $400m in worldwide revenue

The RPG launched just under 18 months ago and has proven to be Nintendo’s most popular outing on mobile
Fire Emblem Heroes fires up $400m in worldwide revenue

Nintendo's Fire Emblem Heroes has racked up over $400 million in worldwide revenue, according to Sensor Tower.

Developed in partnership with Japanese mobile games developer DeNA, the RPG initially hit the App Store and Google Play just under 18 months ago.

Google Play has proven slightly more lucrative for the title and has contributed 52 per cent of player spending, with the remaining 48 per cent coming from Apple’s App Store.

Concerning country, Fire Emblem Heroes is most popular in Nintendo’s home region of Japan, with 56 per cent of revenue made. The US is the second most popular, accounting for 31 per cent of revenue.

“Fire Emblem Heroes has been a consistent earner for Nintendo, grossing more than $20 million per month since launch on average,” said Sensor Tower head of mobile insights Randy Nelson.

“Players spent more than $23 million in the game worldwide during June, its second highest earning month since launch and its momentum doesn’t appear to be waning in the slightest.”

I can be your hero baby

As per Sensor Tower’s report, Fire Emblem Heroes has proven to be the most popular mobile title to come out of Nintendo’s partnership with DeNA, which includes Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Specifically, Fire Emblem Heroes revenue is more than six times greater than Super Mario Run and 9.5 times more than Pocket Camp.

Animal Crossing made its first foray into the mobile market in November of last year. However, it is yet to be mentioned by Nintendo in any of its financial reports since.