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First mobile-exclusive Civilization game gets a rebrand under soft launch

Conquests and Alliances is officially rebranded as Civilization: Eras & Allies
First mobile-exclusive Civilization game gets a rebrand under soft launch
  • Civilization: Eras & Allies will be the first mobile-exclusive Civilization game
  • The soft launch phase will continue after a rebrand from Conquests and Alliances

Civilization publisher 2K has rebranded its next mobile game and in so doing, has revealed another new game in the Civilization franchise.

Conquests and Alliances previously soft-launched on the Play Store but its store page has now gone down. When it rises again, it will be as Civilization: Eras & Allies, 2K has confirmed, with a continued soft launch phase planned.

In changing the branding, this also makes Eras & Allies the first mobile-exclusive Civilization game, marking a huge milestone in 32 years of history.

Made for mobile

With Eras & Allies now clearly and officially a part of the popular strategy series, it will mark the third appearance of Civilization on Android after Civilization Revolution 2 in 2014 and Civilization VI in 2020. These titles also launched across various consoles like the PlayStation Vita, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, where Eras & Allies is being developed for mobile only.

If the game launches on iOS too (no Apple App Store listing can currently be found), it will mark the franchise’s fifth foray onto the platform after more than a six-year hiatus.

2K has also assured fans that the next numbered game, Civilization 7, will not be affected by Eras & Allies’ rebrand as a third-party studio is developing the mobile title. The change in name does not yet come with a change in tack though - as the full release is still nowhere to be seen and no additional soft launch regions have yet been announced.

As a 4X social strategy game, Eras & Allies is poised to combine familiar Civilization features with new mobile-focused mechanics. It won't be the only new strategy game on the market either, as the genre is increasingly merging with other categories on mobile like MOBAs and RPGs.

Among such titles is Richard Garfield’s auto battler Chaos Agents, which entered pre-alpha testing in October. Zynga’s subsidiary studio Socialpoint launched Top Troops that same month, with game lead Albert Fontova later speaking to us on the importance of mixing genres.