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Fortnite returns to iOS and Android through Microsoft Game Pass

Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney continues his broadside against Apple as the battle royale returns to mobile, playable through browser
Fortnite returns to iOS and Android through Microsoft Game Pass
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Epic Games’ Fortnite has made its return to iOS and Android, as of May 5 2022, although through the resolution of Epic and Apple's extensive legal disputes but a partnership with Microsoft, which sees the battle royale playable on browser through Xbox Game Pass.


The game is available in the 26 streaming-enabled countries, and Microsoft has revealed it is exploring other F2P titles on Xbox Game Pass.

Tim Sweeney, Epic Games founder and CEO, unveiled the “monumental news” with continued swipes at Apple, stating there is “no subscription required, no 30% Apple tax”.

This is the latest manoeuvre in Epic Games and Apple’s extensive conflict, since Apple and subsequently Google removed Fortnite from their stores in 2020.

Since then, it has become an all-encompassing brawl, with external parties including Roblox and even (or, of course) Elon Musk lending their support to all sides of the dispute. You can read all updates to Epic and Apple’s legal and PR conflict through this link.