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Fyber launches new ad mediation platform FairBid

Marketing tech firm says it's in discussions with all major ad networks about gradually migrating from the waterfall to bidding
Fyber launches new ad mediation platform FairBid

Marketing technology firm Fyber has launched a new ad mediation platform called FairBid.

Features include the ability to manage individual ad real-estate within an app, to call a single demand source multiple times in the same waterfall at different price points, and the option to manage the waterfall manually or enable all demand sources to be automatically optimised and re-prioritised. There’s also built-in unified auction providing access to over 180 DSPs.

Supported bidding ad networks are Facebook Audience Network, Tapjoy, AdColony and Mintegral. Mediated ad networks meanwhile include AdMob, Applovin, InMobi, Chartboost, Vungle, Unity Ads, hyperMX and IronSource.

In a statement to, Fyber president Offer Yehudai said the company was in active discussions with all major ad networks about gradually migrating from the waterfall to bidding.

“We are going to add about 10 more in the next 12 months,” he said.

Fyber claims that an A/B test with developer Melsoft saw its game Toy Defense 2 see a 30 per cent increase in average revenue per daily user.

Programmatic future

Fyber is one of a number of companies offering a platform that shifts away from the waterfall model of advertising to header bidding.

Yehudai said the move means that when all buyers compete simultaneously for impressions, the publisher is able to sell inventory to parties willing to pay most for it. Buyers meanwhile then get a better chance of acquiring the users they value most.

He added a shift to programmatic advertising also helps to reduce overhead while still enabling developers and publishers direct relationships with their mediated network partners.

“The market should expect to see publishers migrate over to the programmatic - away from the waterfall - and once the sell-side decides to embrace programmatic, they will look for the partners that can meet their needs,” said Yehudai.

“I anticipate publishers saying that if buyers wish to continue buying their inventory they’ll need to do so programmatically.”

He added: “FairBid was built from scratch to be flexible, easier to use, and designed completely for in-app programmatic monetization and advertising. Fyber FairBid is the first platform to support a smooth transition from a pure waterfall setup to an increasingly programmatic monetization environment.”