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Global gaming service provider MoGi Group to attend Gamescom 2018

MoGi Group explains its offerings and why you should meet the team in Cologne
Global gaming service provider MoGi Group to attend Gamescom 2018
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Global video games service provider MoGi Group announced this week its attendance at Gamescom 2018 in Cologne’s renowned Koelnmesse trade fair and exhibition centre.

The expert in specialised, scalable video games services will be on-site at Gamescom 2018 from August 21st to 23rd to talk about its full suite of services and career opportunities, along with the wide range of recent expansions and newly introduced services and what they mean for games developers and publishers worldwide.

Since its foundations in 2007, MoGi Group has been leading the way in the video games services industry with its innovative and diverse suite of bespoke video games services.

The global service provider specialises in helping games developers and publishers not only introduce their games to larger audiences worldwide but increase player satisfaction, play time and in-game spend, as well as bolstering client and application security to create a safer gaming environment for creators and games alike.

Among MoGi Group’s constantly expanding range of services are localisation, player support, community management, penetration testing, localization testing, tool development, art design and voice-over recording.

Each service, as a unique component or in combination, is aimed at relieving an important but weighty aspect of the development and post-release process from games creators’ shoulders and leaving them more room to breathe and focus on making their games the best they can be.

With MoGi Group developers and publishers are assured of more than just an outsourcing body, they will find a valuable partnership.

MoGi Group’s teams go the extra mile in getting to know each gaming project on an intimate level and adjusting their processes and workflows to each and every game they work on, ensuring games get the specialist, individual attention they need.

So far in 2018, MoGi Group has introduced two brand new services to its extensive repertoire: penetration testing and custom tool development.

Its new penetration testing services (with modules available in white, grey, and black box testing) target key vulnerabilities and injection points in gaming applications that may leave players and developers vulnerable to harmful attacks, while providing creative, pain-free solutions with clear reporting and comprehensive pseudocode.

MoGi Group’s tool development service is ideal for optimising game design, moderation and player support across the board.

The service provider’s development teams are leaders in designing flexible tools for monitoring in-game activity (cheating, spamming, etcetera), compiling and visualising data and coordinating in-game events.

Each tool is custom designed to fit exact requirements and can be especially effective in combination with some of MoGi Group’s other scalable services (player support or community management, for example).

“I’m extremely excited to be attending Gamescom once again this year, it’s such a special event for the games industry and one that’s been very important for MoGi! It always feels like the European gateway to the global games industry,” said MoGi Group CEO and founder Orad Elkayam.

“We, as a company, are bringing a whole lot of new things to Gamescom this year in terms of what we can offer games developers and publishers across the board. I’m very much looking forward to catching up with our partners and meeting some new faces too!”

MoGi Group is now taking bookings for one-to-one meet-ups throughout Gamescom for both current and potential partners to discuss its entire range of comprehensive video games services.

Places have filled up quickly in previous years, so booking in advance is highly advised. Bookings can be made at or via the service provider’s website.

Members of the MoGi Group team will also be available to talk about the exciting range of careers opportunities open throughout a number of the service provider’s international offices.

With two new offices opened in 2018 alone both in Europe and abroad (Berlin and Charlotte, North Carolina), expansion at MoGi Group is in full swing and has created a number of opportunities for gaming professionals in translation, support, development, project management and much, much more.

Now in its ninth year, Gamescom is not only Europe’s biggest gaming gathering but the second largest games industry expo in the world.

Set over five days in Cologne, it gives developers and gamers alike the chance to come together to meet, network, take in all the latest gaming previews and announcements, and help shape the future of the gaming industry.

Among the attendees at this years’ expo are some of the biggest names in the gaming industry, including Epic Games, Capcom, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Konami, Bethesda, EA and countless more.

Book your one-to-one MoGi meet-up at Gamescom 2018 today between August 21st and 23rd and find out how its expert teams can help bring your games to larger audiences worldwide, keeping them satisfied, engaged, and playing for longer. Bookings can be made at, via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or at