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Goodgame compulsory dismissals affect 114 staff

Temporary roles also on the line
Goodgame compulsory dismissals affect 114 staff
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Goodgame will lay off 114 employees as part of its previously announced round of compulsory layoffs.

The number of staff let go could still be higher, however. The studio has offered voluntary redundancy packages to its employees as part of numerous measures to reduce its workforce.

Goodgame has yet to share the number of staff who have taken up thisvoluntary redundancy option, however.

The studio has said a number of staff on temporary contracts will also be let go. There is also a hiring freeze while it restructures its business.

Redundancy packages

"The scope of measures includes a voluntary redundancy program which exceeds normal market levels, non-renewal of temporary contracts and, if necessary, compulsory redundancies for operational reasons in combination with high severance packages," Goodgame's Product Communications Manager Fabio Lo Zito told

Revealing further details of its reundancy packages, Lo Zito said its dismissal serverance package offers 1.25 months salary per year of affiliation. Those on voluntary redundancy will receive 1.5 months salary for each year they have worked at the company.

“Both our off boarding team as well as the employee committee are extending support to all international colleagues.”
Fabio Lo Zito, Goodgame

In both cases, he said a payout of regular notice periods still applies.

Goodgame is also offering the chance for staff affected due to operational reasons to change to an employment transitional company set up by Goodgame, along with a small severance pacakge.

"Also, all expats who need to relocate will be reimbursed up to 50% of their relocation costs, with an additional hardship allowance set up for individual cases," said Lo Zito.

He added: "It is extremely unfortunate that our international colleagues have found themselves in a precarious position and we are taking numerous measures to support everyone.

"Aside from the financial support mentioned, both our off-boarding team as well as the employee committee are extending support to all international colleagues."

Business shake-up

Known as one of Germany’s biggest game studios and most prolific recruiters, the developer recently announced it was laying off a "low triple-digit" number of staff.

The move is part of plans to restructure its business and end all development on casual and client-based browser titles.

It was later claimed by an inside source that layoffs could affect between as many as 200 to 600 employees.