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Google announces its high performance mobile VR-for-all ecosystem Daydream

For future Android hardware
Google announces its high performance mobile VR-for-all ecosystem Daydream

Not quite matching up to the rumours about proprietary Google VR hardware, nevertheless at Google I/O 2016, CEO Sundar Pichai announced the company's ambitious Daydream platform.

Built on top of the forthcoming Android N OS, Daydream is a Google initiative to support high performance VR using standardised headsets and future mobile devices, rather than via tethered VR systems such as Oculus and PlayStation VR.

The specification will encompass software and hardware standards for chipsets, smartphones, and VR headsets and dedicated motion controllers. 

Google said it's working with the likes of Samsung, HTC, LG and Xiaomi.

In this way it hopes builds on the success of its entry-level Cardboard VR tech , which it standardised via the 'Works With Google Cardboard' program.

Game supports

Scheduled to launch in the autumn alongside compatible devices, Daydream is supported via the Google VR SDK for Android as well as the Unity SDK, so any Unity game should be easily adapted.

Of course, game developers have been quick to jump onboard, with CCP, Ubisoft, EA, NetEase and Resolution Games were all highlighted during the Google I/O presentation.

"We are very excited to have been invited to be a part of Google's new VR initiative. We feel we share the same vision for VR and are looking forward to working together to increase VR's spread into mainstream and setting additional standards for the future of VR," commented Resolution CEO Tommy Palm.

Resolution also announced its game Wonderglade, which will be a "family-friendly" experience involving carnival-themed gameplay.

"As one of the first developers globally to feature on Google I/O 2016, we are pleased to be among the first companies to commit to making games for Daydream," commented NetEase CEO William Ding, which announced action RPG Twilight Pioneers.

"Leveraging our track record in game development and innovation, we are confident of delivering the superior VR gaming experience to players in China and around the world."