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Half of the top iOS and Android games in Japan are built in Unity

Puzzle and Dragons, Clash of Clans the exceptions
Half of the top iOS and Android games in Japan are built in Unity

Looking at lists of the top 12 iOS and Android games in Japan, an interesting trend emerges - a full half of the combined 24 titles are built in Unity.

CEO of Unity Technologies David Helgason let the figures slip on his Facebook page after taking a look at the charts.

Despite the success, however, Helgason remained humble and kept a sense or perspective: "Last year that would have been a handful (we were proud of that too), and 2011 maybe a couple during the entire year," he detailed on Facebook.

"It's incredible to see that 50 percent of the top games in Japan on both Android and iOS are built in Unity."

The dragon in the room

While the volume of Unity games on both iOS (5 out of 12) and Android (7 out of 12) in Japan is impressive, the top spot remains outside of Unity's grasp at it's held firmly across both platforms by GungHo's Puzzle and Dragons.

Clash of Clans also disrupts Unity's reign, seizing the #2 while charting at #10 on Android.

COLOPL's trivia-based Quiz RPG: World of Mystic Wiz has the strongest average placement of a Unity-powered game, charting at #2 on Android and #4 on iOS.

Having 12 out of the top 24 games in Japan built on a single platform is quite an accomplishment, and Helgason is confident that the best is yet to come for the engine.

"Year 2014 will be exciting," he concluded, "not least with all the new tech we're bringing out as well as our (very soon) upcoming 2D tools."

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