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OneSignal becomes first Unity Verified Solutions Partner for messaging

The first for a messaging solution
OneSignal becomes first Unity Verified Solutions Partner for messaging

Engagement solution OneSignal Inc has become the first Unity Verified Solutions Partner for messaging.

Through the use of OneSingal, Unity developers are able to re-engage players via push notifications, SMS, emails and in-app messaging.

Initially, the solutions provider got its start as a Unity mobile games studio before creating its messaging platform as it spotted a gap in the market.

OneSignal is already used in more than 30,000 Unity applications across over 150 countries.

Moreover, it is used by a number of mobile games companies such as Zynga, Tripledot Studios and Tactile Games.

"OneSignal began as a mobile game studio, so we are greatly in tune with the needs of developers launching new titles and trying to keep players engaged and informed within the game," said George Deglin, OneSignal CEO.

"When it comes to engaging players, gaming companies can leverage modern messaging capabilities and personalisation methods such as push notifications for in-game events, emails when friends send virtual gifts, or the promotion of new content with an in-app message.

"Ultimately, you'll see better engagement with your game titles and more repeat players."

Incoming message

There are a number of benefits to Unity developers utilising OneSignal, besides its ability to use push notifications, SMS and in-app messaging.

For example, there is no code implementation of the OneSignal SDK via the Unity Asset Store. Moreover, it offers a free plan that does not place limits on the number of messages a developer can send.

"Adding OneSignal to the Verified Solutions Partner program makes sense for the Unity developer community," said Unity director of product management and operate solutions Joshua Ostrander.

"By improving engagement and bringing players back to gameplay more frequently, OneSignal can increase retention and drive additional revenue opportunities for our community."

Last year, Unity formed a partnership with Snap Inc to bring the company's tech to games developers.

To learn more about OneSignal, and its role as a Unity Verified Solutions Partner, you can visit the website.