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Harry Potter: Magic Awakened launches in China this September

The game takes place several years after the events of the films
Harry Potter: Magic Awakened launches in China this September

NetEase has confirmed that Harry Potter: Magic Awakened will launch in China this September.

Set in the Wizarding World and taking place several years after the second wizarding war (following the death of Voldemort), Magic Awakened is a card-based RPG from NetEase and Warner Bros. owned Portkey Games. Players take on the role of a muggle-born child who receives a letter of invitation to join Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Once enrolled, players can attend lessons, learn spells, decide which house to join and engage in clubs, such as spell duelling. Collecting various cards throughout the game will allow players to cast different spells when duelling others.

The story follows the disappearance of another Hogwarts student, Ivy Warrington, during the sorting hat ceremony, prompting the player to investigate where she may have gone. The game will include iconic locations and interact with familiar faces from across the franchise, depicted in an art style inspired by European picture books.

No global release

The partnership was first revealed in October 2019 and the game first entered soft launch stage in China on May 2020. An additional open beta ran from December 2020. 

Portkey Games is an arm of Warner Bros. specialising in the development of games in the Harry Potter series. The studio has been involved in the development of three other mobile projects so far: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened will launch in China on September 9th, 2021. No details surrounding the release of the game in further territories has been revealed.


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