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Homa Games rebrands with new name and logo

Now simply going by ‘Homa’, the mobile game publisher debuted a new logo on their website today in a post announcing their new brand identity.
Homa Games rebrands with new name and logo
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Rebrands are not unusual in the world of business, and it seems that Homa Games has taken the next step in its growth. Now going by simply ‘Homa’, the company which handles game publishing, development and support, also unveiled their new logo. The change was announced on October 4th on Homa’s rebranded website.

The rebrand features an updated colour palette for official assets, and a new tagline, “Game the system” which is appropriate given that Homa is heavily promoting their support and data analytics as key to a mobile game’s success. It could indicate a full move towards the publishing space as their main focus.

Please, Homa Games was my father, call me Homa

According to Homa, “Our new logo was constructed using a grid system to look like it is made by an algorithm, with perfectly symmetrical and precise proportions.” The specific language of making it look as if it’s made by an algorithm is also telling, as Homa is heavily pushing their identity of data-backed creativity in the mobile games space.

In addition to this, Homa is now offering what it calls the ‘Homa Labs’ system which will reportedly offer various metrics, analytics tools and SDK on a subscription basis. The rebranding and design efforts are probably intended to help push this new angle of approaching game publishing.

Homa has already seen success in the mobile games market, especially with hypercasual games. Leveraging it’s data analytics to support this, especially with how important data can be to decision making in game development, could see them become a much bigger part of the game publishing space.

Having previously reported on Homa (when they were still Homa Games) and Sensor Tower’s analysis of the growing idle arcade genre earlier this year, it seems that Homa has been looking to dip further into mobile gaming data for a while now.