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Honkai: Star Rail pre-installs available now on App Store and Google Play

A reflective round-up of developments on the next, eagerly awaited miHoYo game
Honkai: Star Rail pre-installs available now on App Store and Google Play
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We are now mere days away from miHoYo’s latest game Honkai: Star Rail - the company’s first new title since global triumph Genshin Impact, and the next entry in its Honkai series.

Originally announced back in 2021 as the Chinese developer’s next RPG, Honkai: Star Rail is a sci-fi game coming to iOS, Android, PC and the Epic Games Store.

In the time since its announcement, details have been revealed such as the game’s infusion of science fiction with fantasy, myths and legends. And releasing on 26 April 2023, it will be the fourth game in the miHoYo catalogue.

Ready for launch

Gameplay in Honkai: Star Rail will encompass turn-based combat, map and maze exploration, and more. The Final Closed Beta, released in February, gave players more of an idea of what to expect, including co-op, companion missions and photos. The official release date was revealed shortly thereafter.

And now that the full release is so close, eager players can pre-install the game via the Google Play Store and App Store, where the game already has ratings of 4.6 and 4.7 stars respectively.

In a recent wave of Chinese game approvals representing a positive rebound for the gaming industry, new licences were granted to many companies in the country, miHoYo included. But it’s not all been good news: in February, the developer began a legal hunt for leakers of information about Genshin Impact.

As of Genshin’s first anniversary, the game had already generated $2 billion from mobile alone. It has since become the most successful gacha mobile game of recent years, generating more revenue than the second and third-place gachas combined, and even opened an art exhibit in Paris earlier this year.

With the phenomenon that is Genshin Impact having overshadowed its Honkai predecessor, for now all we can do is wait and see whether miHoYo can repeat its success with Honkai: Star Rail.