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“I would love to invest in a studio that’s making a play on Roblox and Fortnite”

Nordic Game Panel discusses Roblox, Fortnite and the games industry's cross-platform future
“I would love to invest in a studio that’s making a play on Roblox and Fortnite”
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UGC platforms like Roblox and Fortnite have steadily been attracting developer and IP interest over the years, and now they are pulling in investors too.

Speaking during a panel at Nordic Game 2024, Behold Ventures founding partner Sigurlína Ingvarsdóttir said she would “love to invest in a studio that’s making a play on these platforms”.

Ingvarsdóttir said there is a lot experimentation from developers taking place in these titles, which is “much easier to do on these platforms than elsewhere”.

She explained that the way young audiences play games now is very difference to previous generations of gaming, with titles like Roblox, Fortnite and Minecraft becoming important platforms for younger players.

Speaking personally, she said one of her children was drawn back into Fortnite because of the release of Unreal Engine for Fortnite, which has enabled creators to build their own experiences, opening up new gameplay options for players.

Attracting investment

Disney recently announced it would allow creators in Fortnite to use its IP to build “Disney-themed gaming experiences” in Fortnite and its own games and entertainment universe. It forms part of Disney’s $1.5 billion investment in Fortnite maker Epic Games as it looks to engage audiences on new platforms with its famous franchises.

UGC developers have received investment in the past. Gamefam raised $25 million in 2022 to build titles for Roblox - and has since expanded to Fortnite. Earlier this year, ex-Homa staff raised $1.5 million for UGC platform PlayMakers.

Cross-platform future

Ingvarsdóttir’s comments came during a panel entitled “Adapting to the Changes in our Industry". Other speakers include Game Advisor MD Stefan Lampinen, Embracer Group senior advisor Martin Lindell and Ashes & Diamonds Entertainment game consultant Casey Al-Kaisy.

They touched upon how the industry has changed over the years, including whether hardware is still relevant as it used to be.

Lampinen said he felt hardware still has a part to play, at least in the short to medium term. He highlighted that the Nintendo Switch 2 is likely to be a priority today for many studios.

Ingvarsdóttir said she believes strongly that the industry is heading to a cross-platform future, with companies like Microsoft doubling down on content and service, as well as hardware.

She pointed to how Netflix users are used to accessing the service on any device, and believes frictionless access on any device is where games are headed, too.