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iDreamSky bags exclusive Chinese Android rights for Monument Valley

Ustwo sets sights on China
iDreamSky bags exclusive Chinese Android rights for Monument Valley
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Feb 2, 2015 partnership iDreamsky Ustwo games Not disclosed
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US-floated Chinese publisher iDreamSky (NASDAQ:DSKY), has claimed exclusive rights over the launch of the Android version of Monument Valley in China.

The news comes off the back of an iOS sales data breakdown for Monument Valley, which revealed that China was the second biggest market for the premium puzzler.

Last year the country cut a 12 percent sized wedge (about $700,000) out of the game’s sales pie.

Clearly the notion of China as the land of purely F2P is being challenged, and this latest partnership will widen ustwo’s playing field further by giving the developer access to China’s gargantuan Android userbase.

Bigger markets

"Monument Valley's colorful aesthetics and innovative gameplay directly align with our strategy,” said Michael Chen, iDreamSky's CEO.

“Downloads and purchases surged following the launch of the game's first expansion pack in November 2014, demonstrating the enormous appeal this game has to a very broad demographic which we are confident we can replicate in China."

Monument Valley was one of the most critically-acclaimed mobile games of 2014, earning several accolades including a top spot on our Mobile Mavens “Game of the Year” list and the 2014 Apple Design Award.

Developed by UK developer ustwo, since its launch in April 2014 Monument Valley has been installed on over 10 million unique devices and ranked is the top paid app in Apple’s App Store across 66 countries.