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iDreamsky set to confirm NASDAQ delisting

Going private
iDreamsky set to confirm NASDAQ delisting
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Following on from the example of other Chinese game publishers ranging from Shanda Games to KongZhong and Perfect World, iDreamsky (NASDAQ:DSKY) is about to delist from the NASDAQ and go private.

Announced formally on 31 December 2015, the move would see iDreamsky - which publishes mobile games such as Fruit Ninja and Temple Run in China - becoming a company based in the Cayman Islands.

Off we go

The company has announced an extraordinary general meeting for shareholders on 16 May in Hong Kong.

But the deal is very likely to be approved as it's already received the unanimous recommendation of the special committee of the board of directors.

iDreamsky claimed it was the largest independent mobile game publishing platform in China in terms of active users in Q2 2015.

You can hear deeper analysis of why Chinese companies are doing this in the video below from July 2015.


[source: iDreamsky]