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InMobi Appographic Targeting puts the personal in personalised marketing

New service launches at GDC 2015
InMobi Appographic Targeting puts the personal in personalised marketing
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Mobile advertising platform InMobi has taken the opportunity of GDC 2015 to unveil Appographic Targeting.

It's a new service that allows marketers to target audiences with advertising based on individual interests. While that may sound familiar, InMobi's technology goes beyond basic grouping like "twenty-something females who like RPGs."

Instead it leverages insights that look at what individuals actually play including the whole spectrum of games that they like. Appographic Targeting then combines those insights with its own analytics to establish what other kinds of things you may enjoy in the future.

Bangalore-based InMobi has spent the last year working on the service, studing more than 10,000 app to establish the core elements that define them.

Under the microscope

For example, it's identified details like 3D graphics art style or match-three gameplay, and these elements has allowed InMobi to categorise its audience of a billion users into 200 Appographic segments.

The crux of it all is sharper targeting, and from the company's app promotion campaigns so far, InMobi claims that Appographic Targeting has delivered up to 72 percent higher install rates, 26 percent lower CPI, and 30 percent higher consumer LTV.

“We have conducted over 50 successful pilots with several large app developers who have seen significantly better campaign results over traditional targeting. We expect this capability to be particularly beneficial to developers and are offering it via our self-serve platform,” says Piyush Shah, VP of products at InMobi.

“Appographic Targeting completes our full stack of offerings to make any developer successful in driving high quality user acquisition.”