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RevMob on why location will make mobile ads relevant

RevMob CEO highlights the benefits of beacons
RevMob on why location will make mobile ads relevant

Location-based technology could rake in a lot of cash for mobile game developers, according to RevMob CEO Pedro Jahara.

Back in February 2015, the Brazilian company partnered with Beintoo to leverage its BeAudience ecosystem.

Beintoo's technology allows online-to-offline engagement campaigns for brands and retailers by gathering location data directly from users' devices via beacons.

Beacons are Bluetooth-enabled devices installed into shops and malls that communicate with a shopper's smartphone in the hope of improving their shopping experience with targeted adverts, coupons, or supplementary product information.

Targeted advertising

BeAudience can be integrated through an SDK to enable scalable audience creation for advertisers.

The system can capture details including a mobile user's dwell time near beacons, generating a precise picture of their location history and consumer preference.

"Every store has a beacon in a shopping mall," Jahara told at GDC 2015.

"If a user opts in to a product, if they download an app or game with the right SDK, the mobile phone will communicate with beacons spread throughout the mall.

“Advertising is intrusive when things are not relevant.”
Pedro Jahara

"We can use that information of what shop they visit to create a map of what they're interested in and use that information to do better targeting and sell premium CPMs to these brands."

Better ads

Answering the questions of whether people may find such targeting intrusive, Jahara responded that "Beacons are a better way to do targeting. It's opt-in and opt-out and everything is anonymously done.

"There's a lot of caution with user privacy, because we don't want to risk losing the gamer for our developers integrating our SDK.

"But when I tell people I'm work with a mobile ad network they say 'oh so you deal with annoying ads!'

"It's beacons that are changing this. Ads just annoying because they're not relevant. The advertising is intrusive when things are not relevant."