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Intrinsic in-game ads earn twice as much viewtime as other digital channels

Lumen and Anzu delve into the advertising space
Intrinsic in-game ads earn twice as much viewtime as other digital channels

New research by in-game advertising platform and attention technology company Lumen Research has revealed the results of a joint study on the power of attention with intrinsic in-game advertising via press release.

The research was carried out using Lumen’s eye-tracking technology to monitor the attention level of players within in-game ad campaigns across multiple categories, including entertainment, fashion, and education.

"Anzu has conducted attention tests amongst 5,000 respondents globally, giving them the richest and most robust attention dataset for gaming advertising in the world,” said Lumen Research managing director Mike Follett. “This means that we can speak with some confidence when we say that Anzu’s inventory delivers high attention, high recall and significant shifts in brand perception and purchase intent for advertisers."

Eyes on me

The study found that viewers are 34 percent more likely to view in-game ads compared to those on other digital channels, such as social media and websites. In total, 83 percent of in-game ads were viewed, compared to Lumen’s benchmark of 62 percent.

The average spontaneous advertising recall was 36 percent, while the best performing campaigns achieved over 70 percent. 61 percent of respondents stated they would definitely or probably buy the advertised brand in the future - a 9 percent increase on the average.

“These results clearly demonstrate the power in-game advertising has to drive attention which then converts to brandecall, favorability, and purchase intent, demonstrating how brands can use in-game to reach consumers at every stage of the marketing funnel,” said Anzu co-founder and CEO Itamar Benedy. “By adding in-game to the marketing mix advertisers can supercharge their campaigns, and with the new MRC and IAB guidelines having just been released, the medium has never been a more attractive proposition for advertisers.”

“As we deliver more studies with Lumen, we look forward to sharing more research highlights, including benchmarks by advertiser category."

Peter Kadin, SVP of Marketing at EMPIRE said: “In-game advertising has played a key role in helping us drive attention and ramp up excitement for our artists, with campaigns far exceeding what we are used to from other digital channels,” said EMPIRE senior vice president of marketing Peter Kadin. “Our latest in-game ad campaign delivered an outstanding composite attention score that was 3.9x our desktop display benchmark, along with 93 percent viewability on PC and 94 percent on mobile. The high attention levels and huge reach have allowed our artist to stand out in an extremely saturated market.”

Earlier this year, an Anzu study showed that 70 percent of US gamers respond positively to in-game ads.